Different Models Of The Popular Sako 85 Rifles



Sako is the famous Finnish rifle and cartridge manufacturing company which combines the latest technology with traditional gunsmith craftsmanship. It is highly engaged in making law enforcement and military rifles. To know about the other gun brands available in the market, you must check the website gunforest.com. It contains complete details like features, review, pros and cons of the latest models.

It has designed various rifles models and Sako 85 rifles are one among them. It met the demanding design in terms of technology, tradition, innovation and it gives you various options to select different rifles for training and shooting purposes. It also provides various barrel and stock style options. If you have decided to buy Sako, then you have made a good decision since these high-quality rifles have made complete quality checking that assures its value lasting for several decades.

Sako 85 action is available six different sizes that offer reliable and great functionality for each and every caliber. The Sako 85 models have a unique feature of controlled cartridge feed to prevent cartridge jams or double feed. The turn-bolt handle keeps the hand in a natural position in bolt operation which permits for repeated firing.

Sako 85 barrels are designed by the best craftsmanship and the people from thorough knowledge of Sako. The barrels blanks are honed, drilled, cold-hammer forged, designed and finally tested optical fine-tuning instrument: human eye. The barrels of this 85 model is blued or stainless, satin-like surface, non-reflecting finish.

Sako 85 has staggered two-row magazine made up of stainless steel. It has a detachable magazine that is loaded through the ejection port. The Total Control Latch method of Sako 85 avoids accidental magazine release. But still, the patent is pending for Total Control Latch.

The synthetic and walnut stock of Sako 85 has an ergonomic look and designed for optimal shooting posture. The wonderful balance and smooth bolt operation of this model allow straight, fast and accurate operation.

The sights of Sako 85 are blued finish available either optimal or standard adjustable iron sights on the barrel. You can adjust the front bead during elevation and rear blade in windage.

Safety is an important feature in any rifles. It has two-way safety locks both at the trigger and bolt handle. When releasing the unique bolt button for loading or taking out a cartridge from the chamber it ensures high safety.

The trigger unit weight of the single Sako 85 is in the range of 1 to 2 kg. In most of the Sako 85 model you can see an optimal single set trigger. The entire Sako 85 rifles have a highly durable, thorough steel guard that safeguards the trigger except carbon light and Finnlight models. Both these models have a lightweight hard-anodized aluminum trigger guard.

It has the most advanced turn-bolt action options in the world available in six various action sizes. Some of the models in Sako 85 include 85 Safari, 85 Deluxe, 85 Classic Deluxe, 85 classic, 85 Grizzly, 85 Brown Bear, 85 Black Bear, 85 Kodiak, 85 Hunter and much more.