Simple Ways To Choose The Perfect Popcorn Popper

If you have a huge home theater with surround sound setup and a comfy recliner, it’s time to add to the missing entity. You guessed it right, and the missing entity is the all-time favorite snack food, popcorn. An ideal home theater setup remains incomplete without the classic aroma and taste of the delicious popcorn. A popcorn popper pops endless popcorns all through the day for a party or any occasion. While there are an array of popcorn poppers flooding the online market, the back to basics popcorn popper is an interesting choice. The portals of spell out endless ways to maintain an ideal body weight through healthy snacking options. Let’s have a sneak peek look onto the various facets of a popcorn popper.

An insight into popcorn poppers Popcorn can be prepared through a galore of ways. It can be microwaved, air popped, stove popped and can also be popped from a kettle. Kettle machines are used for quite a longer time at various movie theaters and fairs. These kettles can produce a distinct flavor and aroma which makes the popcorn even yummier. The kettle popcorn machines have an inbuilt heating element. The kettles make use of stirrers to heat the corn kernels uniformly. The kernels soon begin to pop and yield your favorite snack. The popcorn collects into the surrounding compartments for vending.

Before choosing a popcorn popper, consider the space available for installing the unit. The countertop popcorn units are small and reliable. They can be fit into any available space. Make sure it is placed on a stable and flat surface. There are several stand-alone popcorn poppers which are usually attached to a base. The base of this popcorn popper can be placed even on the floor. The popcorn machine can be raised to any height when required. It is essential to consider your individual requirements before making a final opinion.

The scope of the kettle popcorn popper It is essential to consider the amount of corn kernels that can be held in a kettle popcorn popper. The kettle size is characteristically measured in ounces. The kettles are manufactured in standard sizes that can range from 4 ounces to 32 ounces. An ounce of corn kernels can yield one quart of popcorn. A 4-ounce kettle can produce one quart of popcorn in about three minutes’ time.

Within an hour, a 4-ounce kettle can produce 75 to 85 quarts of popped popcorn and an 8-ounce kettle can produce 160 quarts of popcorn at the same time. These are the optimal production rates of a kettle popcorn popper. A 4-ounce kettle is an ideal choice for a small family and an 8-ounce kettle can be used for bigger family gatherings. 12-ounce kettles are perfect for commercial purposes.

Other recommendations It is essential to consider the amount of power consumed by the popcorn popper. The popcorn poppers do not require abundant power supply. The design of the popcorn machine plays a major role in optimizing the power usage. The efficiency of the machine improves with its design. Hope these insights on popcorn poppers would enable you to make an informed decision. It is now time for munching more popcorn.