Importance Of Drinking Filtered Water

It is very important to drink water to keep your body hydrated. Only a hydrated body remains healthy and gets the energy to perform day to day work. It helps in better concentration and metabolism of the body. Bottled Water Safety is being debated all over the world. There are many types of water borne diseases as mentioned in the popular site who get sick and infected.

Most of them don’t like drinking tap water directly because of the odor and taste. This is because water contains chlorine, magnesium, and calcium which gives this odor to the water. It is advisable for a person to drink six to eight glasses of water per day, but it also depends and varies on different people. Climatic conditions of different places and the physical activity of each individual plays an important role in the consumption of water. There are many symptoms of dehydration: · Frequently feeling thirsty · Having a dry tongue · Dark colored urine · Not urinating for more than six hours · Dizziness

It is recommended to keep yourself hydrated if you have had any kind of fluid loss, like diarrhea and constant vomiting.

Drinking filtered water is the best way of lifting the odor from water. Turapur pitcher is a great filter which is very affordable and at the same time effective. You can get clean and filtered water within twenty seconds. There are so many impurities found in water that, it is highly recommended to filter your water to ensure that you are not a victim of water-borne diseases. Turapur pitcher has the tendency to retain hydrogen which is essential for our body. It also helps us to look younger and improves the resistance power to fight diseases. The water that is filtered by the turapur pitcher helps in revitalizing the cells and makes you look younger. It is a very durable and effective product which is used and liked by many people. When compared to bottled water and other methods of filtering, turapur pitcher is reasonable and cost effective.

The water from the nozzle passes through the turapur pitcher, the special filter which removes the bad odor which is caused by chlorine and calcium. The taste is enhanced, and the odor is removed when the water passes through the special filter. They use the technology filtering through a layer of NSF, certified carbon. In the second stage of filtering, the water is enriched with three elements and provides the necessary amount of hydrogen for the body. Hydrogen is an important element which is highly essential for vitalizing age cells in our body. It helps a great extent in making us look younger. The combination of three element, magnesium, tourmaline and infrared ceramics which helps water releasing hydrogen. This way the water is transformed into hydrogen rich water. The filtered water available from Turapur pitcher has no odor, and the taste is also enhanced.

Check out this water filter which is effective and cost saving when compared to the costly filters available in the market.